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Pods Ese

ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) is the technology that simplifies the preparation of a good espresso coffee with a few easy gestures thanks to the use of single pre-packaged doses consisting of 7 grams of ground coffee, pressed and hermetically sealed between two thin layers of filter paper . Furthermore, the ESE system is the only one capable of allowing the consumer the freedom to choose between the different brands of coffee and compatible espresso machines. The whole is characterized by ease of use, practical single doses and the simple operation of compatible espresso machines reduce waste. Finally, the materials used for the packaging of coffee pod make it eco-friendly.



The Pompeii Coffee Compatible capsules are the right choice for those who want to taste the blends expertly prepared by the master roasters in the different formats on the market. Our range of compatible capsules consists of:

Nespresso compatible *

Amodomio compatible *

Dolce Gusto compatible *

EspressoPont compatible *

Caffitaly compatible *

Unosystem compatible *

Bialetti compatible *

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