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“Be entrepreneurs of yourself”. The mantra that with the crisis of 2009 became an opportunity for our family to restart.

The commercial brokerage company, dedicated to the import and distribution of steel products in Italy, has represented for years the main occupation of the Ossame family.

The economic uncertainty of that moment opened the doors to a sort of vital impetus for change, questioning everything that, until then, appeared to be the safest way.

The first step towards change was the idea of trying to push ourselves beyond the borders of our beloved land, Italy. We left for the Canary Islands and it was only the first of the 5 trips to the island that became a source of inspiration for our company. From the first idea of creating a catalog of Italian products to be offered on the market, we came to the final one, in a slow and completely unexpected way.

Local people accompanied us to visit the Agaete valley, a suggestive place, where you can admire the coffee plantations. A real call to nature, the one that pushed us to approach a world that we knew so little but that thrilled us a lot.

And so followed a period of research, intense study and cognitive journeys between the plantations.

The idea of expatriation gave way to that of staying in Italy and reconverting the company,

thus dealing with the importation of coffee

green. We then set about learning the various roasting methods, starting from the craftsmanship of Neapolitan wood roasting, up to the various productions in more industrialized plants.

From north to south it was a succession of visits to different roasting companies.

Certain of our goal, we left for the Canary Islands, offering the product to various distributors. The answer was not long in coming and the first product, still present in the range, was a huge success, involving an important chain of restaurants.

The study, as well as the continuous dialogue with market leaders, have expanded our wealth of knowledge, resulting in an organizational approach we define as TORREFAZIONE 2.0. The principle underlying the system is that of respecting the knowledge of each work activity.

And faithful to this idea, we recognize skills in the part relating to the creation of the product, to that of commercial services and after-sales.

For the other production phases, such as roasting, packaging and logistics, we have relied on certified companies with their own historicity.

All our products are the result of careful collaboration with artisans in the sector and the choices of the most suitable production plants.

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

How they are born our products

Everything starts from the blend, that is the set of origins that with the right mix create a unique balance between aromas, intensity, body, acidity and degree of toasting.

The master tasters, in our laboratory in Pompeii, select the single origins of the raw coffee and with different tests, which concern both roasting and maturation, create the starting blend.

In fact, subsequently, the latter will be adapted for the realization of each product present in the range, maintaining the authenticity of taste that distinguishes it even in the different formats. The study relating to coffee beans is based on a careful evaluation of the maturation time, the degree of roasting, as well as on the choice of the type of packaging to be used in order to preserve the product's resistance.

The speech for the realization of our pods and capsules is different, where the accent is placed on the accurate analysis of the wet residue of the coffee, and on its grinding. This last phase is marked by the use of grinders equipped with optical particle size readers that guarantee a precise and constant level of grinding.

Following the creation phase, the drafting of a production plan to be entrusted to the partner companies involved in the final realization of the product.




raw coffee stored in our bonded warehouse is delivered to the partner company to be processed according to our standards.


It is the most delicate production process, the one that more than the others determines the "taste of coffee". Caffè Pompeii has carefully analyzed various partner companies by selecting slow cycle, flexible and fully automated roasting plants for this process in order to optimize the caramelization of sugars and the formation of aromas for each individual coffee origin.
Each coffee origin has its own peculiarities: in order to roast every single bean in a workmanlike manner, we have chosen to roast by single origin, then mixing the aromas and flavors of the different origins, all only after adequate seasoning .


After roasting and a further cleaning phase, the coffee is left to mature for a few days in silos. Then it is mixed according to the recipes created by the "Master Taster" and sent to the grinding and packaging.
The constant control of the granulometry of the ground coffee and its transport in a closed circuit with recovery of the aroma, guarantee maximum fragrance. Packaging under vacuum or in a compensated atmosphere with inert gas (nitrogen) maintains the freshness of taste and aromas over time.


Coffee beans
Ground Coffee in 250 gr. Bag
Ground coffee in 250 gr
ESE pods 44 mm
Self-protected Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Dolce Gusto Self-Protected Compatible Capsules
Caffitaly Self-Protected Compatible Capsules
Nespresso compatible capsules in single-dose bag
Amodomio Compatible Capsules in Single-dose bag
Espresso Point Compatible Capsules in single-dose bags
Bialetti Compatible Capsules in single-dose bag
Unosystem Compatible Capsules in single-dose bag


Quality control


It is the first phase and constitutes the foundation on which to build products of excellent quality. In Caffè Pompeii all

the batches of green coffee to be purchased are the result of a pre-selection on the representative samples of the entire batch. Every morning our tasting laboratory analyzes the samples arrived the day before from the countries of origin and only the best batches are chosen for purchase.


There are 20 inspections that our quality manager carries out during the year, at partner companies, to check that the procedures we have imposed are respected.


11000 checks every year are carried out in our laboratory in Pompeii on various production batches, to ensure the consistency, correct delivery and longevity of the product.

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