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The Nespresso® * compatible capsules of the Caffè Pompeii ® brand, for all models of Nespresso® * Krups and Nespresso® * De Longhi coffee machines, are characterized by precious and exclusive blends that fully reflect the Neapolitan culture and tradition of the ritual of coffee.

Polifemo decaffeinato is a blend composed of coffees originating from South America and East Africa.

The extraction of the caffeine takes place using a washing procedure with water, totally natural and such as to preserve and guarantee the authentic flavor of a good espresso.

The light and slow roasting gives this coffee notes of dark chocolate while preserving a hint of pleasant acidity.

Yield in the cup:

  • Rich and persistent body with golden cream.
  • 20/30 ml Espresso Coffee

Our Nespresso ® compatible capsules are produced in Italy and individually packaged. This packaging procedure allows the freshly roasted blend to be kept in a protected atmosphere, i.e. to preserve all the aromatic notes that characterize it, until the product is opened.

Nespresso * Polifemo Compatible Coffee Capsules - EspressoDEk

  • View: Light cream and golden color

    Nose: Fragrant and delicate

    Taste: Full and balanced

  • 100 individually wrapped capsules

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